This is the craziest part:

Curcio’s planning culminated with an advertisement he placed on Craigslist a few days before the robbery. The online ad sought 15 to 20 workers for a fictitious city cleanup project, promising $28.50 an hour. The laborers were told to wear jeans, a blue shirt, work shoes and a yellow safety vest. The ad also told the applicants they needed to bring safety goggles and a painter’s mask. The ad directed them to meet in the Bank of America parking lot at the exact time Curcio planned to rob the armored car.

On Sept. 30, 2008, Curcio, dressed identically to his decoy applicants, pretended to work the grounds near the bank. Wearing a blue shirt, jeans, yellow safety vest, work boots and painter’s mask, he pepper-sprayed the Brink’s armored-car guard who was pushing a dolly loaded with money into the bank. Police arrived to find the bank’s parking lot filled with men matching the robber’s description.

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