“This is Citytv Toronto’s “Speakers’ Corner” which used to air from 1990-2008 when it was cut due to Rogers’ cutbacks and on then-new forms of digital media. You visit Citytv’s VideoBooth at 299 Queen Street West (no longer there since Citytv since relocated to 33 Dundas Street East, at the heart of Downtown Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square, a.k.a. Canadian Times Square) and you put in $1 for 2 minutes of a video recording message in which the best content will be put to air with content separated by various categories that they put in each week. The $1 went to the CHUM Charitable Foundation which helped needy kids during the Holiday season or during any other eventful season that the foundation would promote on. The winner would be announced each week and would receive a prize package from Citytv/MuchMusic and the Speakers’ Corner team. Later, they just gave away $300 gift cards to spend on whatever products at the ChumCity Store, inside the building (appropriate for the naming of the store, since the building’s nickname was “The ChumCity Building” as it housed Citytv Toronto, MuchMusic and other properties owned by CHUM Limited until 2009-2010 when Citytv Toronto was forced to moved somewhere else since CTVglobemedia (now Bell Media) brought the place as it now houses CP24, MuchMusic (now owned by Bell) and some other properties). They ran other versions of this show to other parts across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, also until 2008 due to cutbacks.”

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