Et Tu Youtube?

“The Reptilian brotherhood didn’t like a satirical song/video that I made about Leafy is Here so they reported it and my video was taken down. Now my channel has a strike and is in jeopardy of being shut down. My video was a cartoonish roast. I even put in the description that it was all in good fun. In the song, I never made threats against Leafy and roasted him in a comical way. The reason I roasted Leafy to begin with is because he targets mostly children and has picked on autistic/handicap people. If youtube wants to shut down my video, then they should also shut down a majority of Leafy’s videos because he violates their terms of use constantly. There are many videos that are much worse on youtube, but youtube decided to shut me down. There are people who make actual death threats and who spew hatred, but their channels are fine. Why was my video taken down? It isn’t fair. Youtube’s system of flagging is horrible. People can just flag your video and youtube just takes it down without careful review. Leafy violates YouTube’s terms of use ALL THE TIME! He is technically a cyber bully. He has an army of fans who attack people’s channels (Kids and autistic people). I believe in freedom of speech though and don’t blame Leafy for his immature crazy fan base. But when you have that big of a following, you also are influencing a lot of people. Apparently youtube only allows freedom of speech when someone is famous and making them a lot of money. YouTube is okay with Leafy’s videos where he pretends to drink bleach, and says he is going to kill himself. They are fine with that because leafy gets over a million views per video, but they shut me down because I’m a nobody. It hurts because I spend many hours on my videos. I put a lot of work into my videos and I don’t care about positive feedback but I don’t appreciate people flagging my video because they don’t understand satire or humor or I said something against someone they liked. Please SHARE this video and let the people of youtube see this! “

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